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Alton MarmART Trail

Nov 24th 2020 - Jan 23rd 2021
Join us for a free, marmot-alicious, family day out this Winter.
The Marmot Winter Olympic Team are in town and it’s your job to find them all! Scan their QR codes to learn the names and stories of all 10 merry marmot athletes and then read a free eBook about their Winter Olympic adventure!

How to Play

Easy as 1,2,3!

The trail works by using contactless QR Code technology, without the need for players to download an app or sign up to anything. Around the town centre you will find 10 Winter Marmots embedded with QR codes.

1. Simply scan each marmots’s QR code with your smartphone’s camera to collect them.

2. You’ll then see a pop-up window telling you about the Marmot and it’s real-life Olympic inspiration – some will also have clues to a final hidden Marmot!

3. Once you’ve collected all 10 you’ll be presented with a link to read a free Christmas eBook featuring all of the Marmots.


We're bringing this trail to you for free but would like to raise money for these two amazing local charities.

The Kings Arms

2020 is the 20th anniversary of The King’s Arms serving the needs of young people in the locality. As we entered this year we didn’t expect to be hit with such ‘unprecedented times’. Our resolve is as hardy as ever as we review the way we offer youth work and introduce some new services to meet our young people’s needs. We continue to serve local people generally aged 11-18 years.

The Bushy Leaze Charity

Our Family Support services help families with children under the age of 5 in Alton who are in crisis situations, or in need of support to improve their child’s quality of life and life chances. We do this through a combination or outreach work, targeted groups and one-to-one support.


Meet the merry Marmots Winter Olympics Team. It’s the first time marmots have ever taken part in the Animal Winter Olympics, since they’re usually hibernating at this time of year, so they’re very much the underdogs of the competition.

This year, the Animal Winter Olympics is being held in the snowy town of Alton in Hampshire and right now, the marmots are busy exploring the town while they wait. Why don’t you walk around and get to know them before the games begin?

Oh and one more thing, one of the Marmot has only gone and gotten lost! She’s not on the map but you can use the clues from the other Marmots to find her...

A Merry Marmot Christmas Adventure

What happens when the marmot Winter Olympic team have a crisis of Christmas confidence?

Once you’ve got to know all of the marmots by collecting them on the trail and reading their stories, download this free eBook to find out! 


Our story-trail remembers how many marmot you’ve collected with browser cookies. Cookies are like keys stored on your browser used to identify you. It’s very important that you use the same browser to collect the marmots, that you have cookies enabled (more on that below) and that you don’t clear your cookies.

Is your QR code reader opening different browser?

If your QR code scanner is opening a different browser by default you will instead need to open the browser you have used to collect the other monsters with and manually type in the written web addresses printed underneath the QR codes. These begin with

If you think you’re doing everything right and you are still not seeing a monster collected please try another browser as it could be an issue with the browser itself.

You must use your phone’s QR code scanner, if it has one, to scan the QR codes or you can simply enter the web address codes (written underneath the QR codes) starting with THYG.UK/CUS… directly into the address bar in your browser, just like you would for a website address.

When you collect each marmot you will see a pop up that tells you their story. At the bottom of this is a button that links back to the map, in case you need it to find the next marmot. You do not have to click on this button, instead you can close the pop up with the black ‘X’ in the top left-hand corner.

At the moment the only way to return to the collection page is by re-scanning a marmot code. This can be done by re-scanning the QR code on a marmot, typing in the written URLs that appear directly under the QR codes or by simply searching in your browser history for and returning to one of the pages that has your location’s name as the title.

Quite simply, they are keys stored in your browser to remember who you are what you’ve done. For a thorough explanation please see a

It’s important to have them enabled and to not clear them during the Safari. See below for more about enabling cookies.

It’s likely that you have cookies allow as this is the default setting on modern browsers but if you want to check you can do so with the following methods:


Allow or block cookies

You can allow or block cookies saved by websites.

Note: If you don’t allow sites to save cookies, most sites that require you to sign in won’t work.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app Chrome.
  2. To the right of the address bar, tap More More and then Settings.
  3. Tap Site settings and then Cookies.
  4. Turn Cookies on or off.

Allow or block cookies

You can allow or block cookies saved by websites.

Note: If you don’t allow sites to save cookies, most sites that require you to sign in won’t work.

  1. On your iphone or tablet, open the Settings.
  2. Scroll to Safari
  3. Scroll down and choose your cookie settings.
  4. Make sure Block All Cookies isn’t selected.

Allow or block cookies

You can allow or block cookies saved by websites.

Note: If you don’t allow sites to save cookies, most sites that require you to sign in won’t work.

    1. Open Firefox for Android.
    2. Tap the menu button (either below the screen on some devices or in the upper right of the browser) .
    3. Tap Settings (you may need to tap More first)
    4. Tap Privacy.
    5. Tap Cookies and make sure Disabled isn’t selected.